Shextreme festival returned to Bristol for 2017! With a fun filled, adventure packed evening of films created by women for women.

This year Bristol was gifted with a wide range of adventure film content at Shextreme. From conquering everest to creating amazing communities through the love of skateboarding. Each film was individual and none could be compared. From the short but impactful 5 minutes to the much longer pieces, each had a focus, whether it be political, environmental, a focus on equality or much deeper discussions on women’s connections with nature. Some of my personal favourites included:

Get Used To It

BLAM Studio propose a way forwards towards equality and empowerment through skateboarding in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Beyond the Highest Peak

World Premiere: Jessica Pearson documents Mollie Hughes as she reaches the summit of Mount Everest from the North side to become the youngest Woman in the World to summit Mount Everest from both sides.


Sliding into the Light

This 16mm film from Hawaii featuring Crystal Thornburg-Homcy is a meditation on loss, renewal and our connection to the sea.


On the panel this year we were joined by 4 amazing women. Mollie Hughes – the youngest woman in the world and the first English woman to summit Mount Everest from both sides. Michelle Cassar  – the creative director of City to Sea who is combating the use of plastics. Adventure blogger, expedition leader and passionate environmentalist Bex Band from The Ordinary Adventurer and Claire Jane Carter, the award-winning adventure filmmaker.

Questions included how to turn a passion for the outdoors into a professional lifestyle, preparations for large expeditions and the way women are portrayed in the outdoor adventure community. One of the main focuses of the evening was the huge discussion surrounding plastics and how we all can change the way we think about reducing plastics in our lives. Shextreme also worked alongside City to Sea to create a plastic free evening, with everyone using metal re-useable cups to reduce our plastic footprint.

As we all know, plastics are a huge issue across the globe and they have been found to be one of the main problems affecting wildlife while floating around in our seas. Skye’s the Limit follows Cal Major on her solo SUP expedition around the Isle of Skye fighting plastic pollution. It is truly an amazing yet shocking realisation that plastics are not only affecting our oceans but landing en masse onto some of the UK’s most untouched wildernesses, not just affecting sea life but land animals and people too.

Yet again another year completed and another success for the Shextreme team with amazing diversity of films. I am already looking forward to next years festival!

I would also like to thank Shextreme and Rab clothing for providing us with a Shextreme goodie bag and free Rab beanie. I now feel fully ready for the winter months! And many thanks to Outdoor Research for producing one of the best, funny and most inspiring outdoor advertisements I have seen in a while.



For more information on all the speakers and films check out the Shextreme website.

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