We took Salomon’s popular Wayfarer pant for a spin to see how it faired as a 3 season, hike almost anywhere, adventure pant.

First Impressions

Straight away, pulling the wayfarer’s out of the packaging you can feel the quality of the materials in your hand. The stretch woven fabric construction feels very comfortable trying them on for the first time.

The pant feels very light, yet strong and durable. The four pockets are of a decent size, but not huge.
Wearing them out for the first time I was surprised at how breathable the fabric was, and how easily it moved with me on the hike.

Out in the field

We went out on a couple of walks in the British countryside wearing the wayfarers. But we also headed out in the freezing wilds of Iceland with the them. Sometimes in temperatures down to -16°. Despite the freezing cold, we found the wayfarer’s to be really durable in both the extremes as well as the milder weather of the UK.

One of the best things about them was that they were able to deal with howling winds really well, even though this is not one of their features, we found them to be surprisingly windproof. Saying this, they never felt stuffy or too warm when hiking in milder temperatures, which is pretty amazing to be able to do both of these things.

This is thanks to the incredible AdvancedSkin Shield, which is designed to do just that. Keep you warm and dry when you need it to while staying comfortable and breathable.

Design and features

We really like the look of the wayfarers. The stripped back yet stylish design has obviously been considered. So too have the colours. Available in a number of classic outdoorsy tones, there is a choice for everyone and every outfit.

We would have to say that the pockets, while secure and well constructed, weren’t quite as large as they could of been. Especially if you are relying on them on shorter hikes where you might not be taking a backpack with you.

A really positive feature is the UPF50 protection. This means you have significant protection from harmful UV rays without the need for other layers or suncream underneath.

The price point is also excellent. For a technical hiking pant that is good for 3 seasons, we think that £70 is definitely a reasonable price compared to other similar products on the market. You’ll definitely be getting a quality product for the money.


We think the Salomon Wayfarer pant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality hiking pant at a reasonable price point. Compared to similar products we think these are excellent.

Taking them on a number of hikes to some extreme places, we can confidently say that we trust them to take us where we need to get to and back again. They have now taken over and become our go to hiking trousers. Even after a number of hikes, tough terrain, rain and a bunch of washes to get the mud off, the pants have never lost their soft touch or durability. We can’t lie that we’re looking forward to many more adventures in the Wayfarer pants.

For more info and to find out where you can purchase your pair of Wayfarer pants, see the Salomon website.

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