We worked alongside Salomon on our recent trip to a very cold Iceland to test our their newest hoodie – the Drifter mid hoodie. It is designed primarily as a warming mid layer to accompany you on a hike or mini adventure in the majority of weathers, but turn it inside out and it changes to a windproof top layer for when things get windy!

First impressions

When we say hoodie, it’s actually more of a mid layer jacket with a hood. Made with primaloft insulation, the hoodie is nice and warm and has both advanced skin shielding technology and pertex, which is a versatile, wind resistant and more breathable fabric technology.

The Salomon drifter mid hoodie has been created for both men and women, coming in a couple different vibrant colours. These colours are actually doubled when you know you can turn it inside out for a completely different colourway, so you’re spoilt for choice.

Upon first look and feel the hoodie is light, (only 500g) and can pack down nicely into your backpack for easy on the go warmth. The fit was nice and close to the body, not too tight under the arms and the fabric feels soft. We were also impressed with the reversible design, as this is something a bit different.

Out in the field

What better place to put these hoodies to the test than the glaciers of Iceland, where it went down to -16°! Both of us were wearing the hoodie as one of our 4 layers on the upper body. We spent around an hour on top of the glacier, where we explored one of Iceland’s many ice caves. We both think that this was the warmest part of our bodies on the day. It was the type of cold that chills you down to the bone, so we were very happy to have the warming properties of the hoodie.

What is really clever about this particular design and what keeps us warm is the versatile 2 way fabric system. It has two different face fabrics that deliver a very different look and level of warmth. Wear the shiny side out for maximum warmth and wind protection, (It was pretty windy up on the glacier) and again we just kept nice and toasty. The stretch side is worn outwards for a more casual look and to allow more air to permeate the insulation for slightly less warmth but better breathability. The hoodie is also filled with PrimaLoft® insulation, this is an integral component in products that provides warmth and comfort while being dry, soft and highly compressible.

Back down in the real world where it was less windy, the sun finally set and we were left in darkness and the temperature also plummeted. Wearing the hoodie on our very cold bus was fine as your top layer but going back outside you definitely needed that extra padded coat, but that is to be expected in a place like Iceland.

We didn’t manage to test the hoodie in rain as we were lucky enough not to have any but we would try our best to avoid it if wearing this as a top layer.

The design has been nicely thought through and the components of the hoodie, from pockets to zips, feel very hardy. The only downside for us is that only one side of the reversible hoodie has zip pockets. If this is a product that you wish to use on a casual hike, we personally like pockets that you can zip, so you don’t lose anything along the way.

The price, at £135, comparing it to other synthetic mid layer jackets is more on the expensive side, however you are paying for both the brand quality and also the versatility and innovation of the product.

Tech Specs by Salomon


  • AdvancedSkin Shield 
  • Primaloft® 
  • Pertex® 


  • Primaloft® 60g / m2


  • 4-Way Stretch Plain Weave
  • Softshell Stretch 3L
  • Pertex® Classic



Overall we rate the Salomon Drifter mid hoodie as a great piece of versatile technical gear, perfect for our trip to Iceland. They kept us nice and warm when teamed with the other layers that we had. Both were a nice, comfortable fit and had a good stretch to them. The only downside was that we didn’t feel the hoodie wasn’t quite as breathable as we’d have liked. Even though you can flip the hoodie inside-out to the more breathable fabric side, this still wasn’t quite as breathable as we thought it should be. Apart from that, we think this is a great hoodie to have in your backpack, as it packs down nicely and is ready to grab for on the go. The colours also give the hoodie a bit of creative flair and overall they feel like a hardy and well made piece of outdoor gear. We’re looking forward to taking it our on more adventures!

For more information or to purchase your own Drifter mid hoodie for both men and women, please visit Salomon’s website.

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