In response to the global COVID crisis KEEN has launched a new project. As a family owned and values-led brand, KEEN have always endeavoured to make a positive contribution to the planet, to be responsible and to act towards citizens in a way that reflects their personal values.

Very much in keeping with these long-held principles, KEEN have made a pledge to provide up to 100,000 pairs of shoes to the workers on the front lines and to families and individuals at home fighting through the crisis.

Why pledge shoes?

Not all of us are able to have the luxury to be able to adapt our working lives from home – so whether these shoes help a worker stay comfortable during a long shift or simply allow people to get outside to breathe in the benefits of nature and fresh air whilst practicing safe and current, local social distancing advice, KEEN feel compelled to share their strengths for the common good.

Whilst of course we understand and appreciate shoes may not be a priority for some, KEEN stand for community and believe that by working side by side, and sharing our respective resources, we can channel positivity in adverse circumstances to create a movement of helping others. Together we can help.

Let’s spread some positivity at kindness at this time. By working side by side we can all help to make a small difference.

Let KEEN know who you feel could use some help during this difficult time, and KEEN will provide them with a new pair of shoes at no cost.