Anna McNuff, the British born daughter of two olympians, grew up in a family where the pursuit of physical and mental excellence was encouraged. Moving on to pursue her own sporting goals would see Anna representing her country in rowing, but after ‘retiring’ in her 20’s, she was after a new challenge.

This has seen her embarking on a new life as an adventurer – darting around the world on the hunt for new and exciting endurance challenges.

Anna has inspired many to get up, out and exploring. And now after one of her longest, toughest challenges, Anna has penned her experiences in a new book: The Pants of Perspective. We love this story, including of course the actual pants, which are a pair of special leggings which she dons on dark days to help her get back to reality.

The book is out now and available on Amazon as both hard copy or Kindle versions.

For more on Anna you check out her website