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The environment is ever changing. Be it through natural changes or through mankind altering natures processes and changes. It is obvious that we as the human race have had a huge affect on the world and the natural environments around us. We have caused damage that some may see as irreversible.

A growing field of research is also now finding correlations and connections between environmental change and outbreaks of human conflict.

We need to change our ways. We need to save what we can of our planet for future generations. So what can we be doing to help our environment and therefore ourselves?

We want to know what you think we can do, big or small, to help the environment. Whether it is a personal project to help wildlife thrive in your own back gardens or a wider scope project to help the world as a whole. We want to know what you think.

Use the comments below to voice your thoughts on how we can help to protect our environment for the future.