I myself am a relatively new skier, with only two holidays under my belt. I am lucky that this year I am going on a third.

Last year I wanted to purchase some of my own goggles, as I knew they would last and I would use them again. I just wanted something that would be a good price and a good starting goggle and being new to shopping for ski goggles I asked people I knew what brands they could suggest. Many people said that Bollé were great and their goggles can last for years so I decided to take a look as it would be a great investment.


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This range of Bollé carve ski goggles in the green/blue were online at the price of £33.00 (prices may vary depending on which colour you go for). These are designed for all round use. I thought that for a first set this was a reasonable price and they have many features that are desirable for any level of skier. I wanted a pair that would protect me from UV rays, look stylish but also not fog up when skiing.

This range of goggles comes in various colours and sizes and is suitable for both genders. The colour that I chose appealed most to myself and the lens was nice and bright, with a mix between a green/blue tint, which you can see in the below photograph. They come with a cleaning cloth and pouch to put you goggles in when travelling or storing.

First Impression

I spent a week using these goggles and first impressions were great. The double lens and venting within the frame forms a thermal barrier between the cold outside air and the warm air from my head, which prevents condensation. This also deterred any fogging, which being a learner enabled me to concentrate and was one less thing to worry about. The goggle itself has a great scope of vision when skiing and no feeling of tunnel vision, which is great for someone who is still fairly new to the slopes and wants to feel confident while being wary of other skiers.

I really loved the reflective green/blue colour on the front on the goggle. Once you try them on from the inside you can see the goggle provides a slight yellow tinge. I liked this as I wanted something that wouldn’t be too far from the normal colours of the slopes (as for some people this can be disorientating). This is just a personal preference! Make sure you try these on before you buy as colours inside may vary depending on what type of lens you go for.


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The goggles fit perfectly over a standard rented helmet without a peak, with the straps making it easy to adjust for comfort. This meant that I never felt too much pressure when the goggles were resting on my face. This goggle comes in various sizes but for myself the medium size fit perfectly.


The only slight niggle I have to add to this is the foam on the inside could be a little itchy, but this went over the course of the week, so I assume this is just because they are new and on my face for the majority of the day.


Overall I am very impressed with the Bollé carve ski goggle. It’s a great price and quite technical, perfect for any level of skier and also has great colour combinations. I would recommend this goggle to anyone who is trying out skiing for the first time. For more in depth information please check out the Bollé carve goggle extra details below.




Bollé Carve Goggles – the extra details

Bollé Carve Ski and Snowboard Goggles feature an impressive roster of technical features that will enable you to have the clearest and therefore the safest view when you are out on the snow slopes, negotiating the bumps and hollows and navigating round the other skiers or snowboarders on your latest descent.

Bollé Carve Ski Goggles are provided with a ventilated dual lens that has been subjected to anti-fog as well as anti-scratch treatment.

The double lens itself contributes greatly to the lack of lens fogging and condensation by providing a thermal barrier between the very different temperatures inside and outside the goggles.

You can also rest assured that all Bollé lenses block harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nm.


  • Double-layer face foam: Medium-density foam backed up to soft micro-fleece face layer
  • Flow-Tech venting: Designed to reduce fogging and optimize flow of air over inside of the lens; these venting ports control airflow while preventing clogging from snow and ice
  • Ultra-violet protection: All Bollé lenses block harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nm
  • P80 Plus anti-fog: Embedded premium anti-fog layer in inner lens disperses water molecules across surface of lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of terrain ahead
  • Double lens thermal barrier: Bollé unique double lens design creates thermal barrier while providing exceptional optics and superior seal
  • Over the helmet: All Bollé goggles are engineered with latest helmet designs in mind so fit is smooth
  • Carbo Glass anti-scratch: Outer lenses are sheathed in protective armour to prevent scratches, keeping your lenses and outlook clear

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