The Bedrock sandal company kindly provided us with two pairs of their Bedrock Cairn sandals for our trip to Canada. Bedrock Sandals are an up and coming company based in Richmond, California and the team have spent a lot of effort in making a sandal that is worthy of the great outdoors!

About Bedrock

Bedrock Sandals began during outdoor field work jobs in Northern California.

“We wanted to make a premium quality sandal that let us experience the outdoors more simply and that held up to the heavy abuse of our outdoor lifestyles. We launched a Kickstarter in 2011, grew slowly, kept making our sandals better, lived in vans and sailboats, thru hiked trails, and crafted our sandals to match our adventurous minimalist lifestyles”. – Bedrock


What’s great about this sandal compared to many others I have tried is it feels really secure. This is down to the fit size and the sturdy straps, which can be adjusted in three different areas for comfort.

Fitting guide

Getting the correct fit is imperative, so thankfully Bedrock supply you with a printable cutout out of their bespoke fitting guide before you purchase. This print out at home guide consists of various sandal sizes that you can physically measure your foot against. Note: make sure that the print guide measures up correctly with a ruler as this will give you the perfect fit – any queries, the team are more than happy to advise.


We both spent a whole day walking around Banff in our sandals and there were no blisters! (which is a relief). The backs of the sandals are soft on the skin, which don’t cause any rubbing. They are very lightweight, which makes for easy walking across different terrains. The soles are provided by Vibram, which are used in many high end walking shoes/boots, so they are very durable. They had a great grip as we were walking across rugged paths, they even keep their grip in water, which is an added bonus! If the soles do wear down after time they are also re-solable, which is a great way to reuse rather than consume and re-buy.

The bit between your toes is also super comfortable! It also feels secure, unlike other sandals and flipflops, where that section can feel weak and even break quite easily.


The Cairn adventure sandal comes in six colourways – Copper, black, light denim, river runner, charcoal and trail blazer.




  • Exclusive Regolith Vibram® Sole: Lightweight + Durable rubber ready to grip for the long haul.
  • No-slip secure fit: Intelligent patent-pending strap + upper system with premium webbing, 3 adjustment zones, corded toe-strap plug system, and our super secure sole hugger wings.
  • Minimalist design: Conforms to your feet for superior ground feel and traction.
  • Rock solid: Premium components, waterproof construction, made in USA with US and imported parts (sole imported). Re-Soleable.


The Cairn adventure sandal is definitely not one to look over. If you want that barefoot feel for adventure, supported by a comfortable and lightweight feel, then this is the sandal for you!

We also love the fact that they are pro environment and re-sole your worn cairns rather than you having to go out and buy a new pair. Bedrock also support 1% for the planet. Can it get any better than that?

To purchase a very fine pair of your own Cairns visit Bedrock Sandals Europe or Bedrock Sandals USA.

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