Volume Ten – The Altitudes Volume – looks to explore our innate fascination and appreciation for great heights

The latest volume from Another Escape delves into the profound effects precipitous landscapes can have on the human psyche; how they can inspire fear, elation, creativity, spirituality and incite bold pursuits along with artistic practice.

Striving to unearth what we can learn when we push the limits of our human ability and earthly confines, while observing how feeling small in big places can challenge our perspective on the world and our place in it. It uncovers cultures and communities harboured by the rugged folds of mountainous terrain and shaped by high altitudes, and it reflects on how even in the most trying of environments it is possible to live harmoniously with nature.

The articles whisk your mind away from your everyday life, guiding you through stories about mountain running on the arduous trails of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains; the composure, strength and mental endurance needed to perform the exhilarating sport of high-lining; and how pushing the limits of human ability and being creative in wild spaces can teach us some of life’s most valuable lessons.

You will learn how the cultural significance of mountains and their influence on artistry, spirituality, and the human psyche; the natural wonder of North America’s flyways and the incredible birds that fly them; how we may find comfortability in the backcountry and on mountain terrain; and unique cultures and communities long fostered by their mountain surrounds.

Another Escape The Altitudes Volume is on sale now. Pick up your copy from their website, and browse for other inspiring stories from previous volumes on their story archive.

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