As we all well know it is getting super cold outside and what better way to warm your boots than investing in a cosy, snuggly blanket. Whether it’s cosy moments by the fire or keeping warm in your camper, here our are picks of tried and tested blankets for 2017


Rumpl has taken the world by storm and we could not wait to get our hands on one since Passenger clothing became their only UK supplier. They are big, heavily insulated and come in a great range of colours and sizes. The original puffy is a high performance, synthetic down blanket that is perfect for a cold night. Tried and tested, we found our a perfect companion around the campfire or as a great extra layer when overnight camping on top of your sleeping bags. We have the Rumpl 1 person original puffy and found that it was actually great for 2 people, as its massive! So if you want that extra comfort but there are two of you, you can still go for the 1 per person size. The blanket is very soft, packs down easily in its carry pack is easy to carry around.

Passenger has also recently worked alongside Rumpl to create their own limited edition Rumpl blanket, check it out on their website.


Sackloth and Ashes

A blanket that has been recognised across the globe as a high end travel blanket, included as part of many explorers travel essentials but is also great as a blanket for the home. With beautiful scandi inspired designs the blankets certainly have an outdoor adventure theme. Materials range from exotic alpaca wool to simpler wool blends that consist of lambs wool, polyester, and acrylic from recycled materials. Compared to other travel blankets this feels a lot heavier but is still great to take with you on shorter journeys, or pop in the back of your adventure vehicle and bring it our around the camp fire for extra cosiness. 

“At Sackcloth and Ashes we consider it our responsibility to ensure that the items that we sell are leaving a positive impact on the lives and communities they come in contact with. Therefore, our blankets are made with recycled fabrics, eco-dyes, in healthy environments and our wool is always mulesing free.

Sackloth and Ashes was inspired by the founders upbringing and for every blanket you purchase, one is given to a local homeless shelter.


Poler stuff

Here comes Poler stuff, the creators of the famous napsack and a collection that is worthy of any traveller! We think the napsack is one of the greatest inventions and any well travelled person should own one. You can stay warm and cosy in all conditions and still be mobile when outside. The handy drawcord bottom can opened and closed so you can pop your legs out. The napsacks also come in funky designs and they are all reversible depending on what mood you feel like! There is a zip on the front and also across the shoulders, so whether you feel like branching out or want to feel like a cocoon, there is that option. There is a handy pocket on the chest and two by the hips for extra storage. For us this is the perfect campfire essential.

Poler stuff do sizes for everyone and if you have a Poler family, why not put them all in napsacks!



Coalatree is another amazing adventure blanket that has gained popularity and has been one of the top kickstarters of this year with its Escalante kachula. This blanket may not be as warm as many others but the great thing about it is its versatility, it can turn from a blanket to a pillow and has a hidden stash pocket. It can even turn into a poncho with the help of an attachable hood. It is waterproof on both sides and has connectors so you can add on as many blankets as you fancy connected together.

“At Coalatree we’ve designed, crafted, and built products that you don’t just wear but live in. Creating products to grow and move with you as an individual. From mountain to city, Coalatree goods are sustainably built for life, enabling you to greet the outdoors.


So there we have it. Four of our most liked, tried and tested blankets and napsacks of 2017. Whether you’re an avid traveller or you’re closer to home, make sure to get super snuggly this winter.

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