This past weekend we took a trip to London to check out this years Telegraph Ski and Snowboard show. Running from Thursday to Sunday, the show saw many famous faces dropping by to give talks, take part in signings or to just check out the show itself. Members of the British Ski and Snowboard team gave some great answers in the Q&A on Saturday, whilst being accompanied by Bronze medalist, Jenny Jones and Ski Sunday regular, Graham Bell. Even Baywatch star David Hasselhoff joined the British Ski and Snowboard Team on Mount Battersea on Thursday to get a taste of the action!

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Official – @telegraphskisnowboard
Photographer – @jamesnorthphoto (all platforms)
Rider – @sparrowknox

The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show took place over the past weekend from 26th – 29th October and included some thrill-seeking entertainment from Mount Battersea as well as opportunities to check out lots of great brands and lap up the après lifestyle before the winter season kicks off.

What we loved

The Telegraph ski and snowboard show is the UK’s largest industry specific show. If you are looking to hit the mountains this winter then this is a must be place! From large tour operators and resorts down to the small family friendly independant companies, it is the place to grab your latest gear and technology ready for the mountains.

Each day there were various ski competitions happening on Mount Battersea, where you could witness some of Great Britain’s best snowsport athletes, pulling some of the most amazing tricks. The best place to show off when you have the likes of Travis Rice showing up.

Talking of Travis, The Telegraph ski and snowboard show were lucky enough to hold the UK premiere of his new film “Depth perception” on the Friday night, up in the Powdair sponsored aprés bar.

There’s lots to do for the kids and a great place for snow related inspiration. From the daily rail jams, where talented kids as young as 8 show off their skills to the general public, to the free ice rink, there was plenty to spark the imagination and inspire children to get into snowsports. This is a great way to get more young people inspired to join in as you never know, they themselves one day may be the next Eddie the Eagle.

Time to hit the exhibitor space!

Indoors was the main hustle and bustle and to get down to business. If you are looking to book a ski or snowboard holiday, every tour operator you could name was there. From Crystal Ski to Ski Japan, each stall had their own selling point, so whether you fancy sipping beer in Bulgaria or an aprés party in the French alps, this place was the font of all knowledge when it came to planning your next holiday. Inside also held an eclectic mix of more established brands such as Planks, Rossingol, Snow + Rock and magazines such as In the Snow. There were many places with great deals on boots, helmets and various snow related gear, with lots of money off. The highlight for us was the The Experience Theatre, where many talks were given on various winter related topics, our favourite being the inspirational and very young team GB, who are all preparing for the Winter Olympics in Korea this year. With them was our favourite (because she’s awesome and she’s from Bristol!) Jenny Jones.


For us the Telegraph ski and snowboard show is the best place to go if you’re a snowsports maniac or if you have no idea but want to give it a go! Inspiration surrounds you from the kids to the adults, proving that anyone can give it a go and if you are wanting the expert advice, everyone you need is under one roof! With 4 days of activities and famous snowsports faces around every corner, it’s the place to be!

What we really love from this year’s show, was the support for the smaller UK based brands – from London based Nix Snowsports who build beautiful custom skis to the kickstarter funded Summit goggles. The ski and snowboard show gives these brands the chance that they deserve to show us all what they got!

For more information about the show, checkout the Ski and Snowboard website.