We got to try out both the mens and women’s Tracker FG outdoor boots by Vivobarefoot. A big thanks to Vivobarefoot for sending us these boots for review.

Who are Vivobarefoot?

Vivobarefoot was founded in 2010 by Galahad & Asher Clark. If the surname rings a bell that’s because they are relatives of the Clark family, the famous British shoe makers. They have created a shoe that allows us to feel more at one with nature with a barefooted experience, letting your feet move the way nature intended. Vivobarefoot are avid supporters of the sustainable movement and have a vision and strategy that aims to keep both the product and the way it’s made the main consideration of the company.

“The future of sustainable and ethical shoe production doesn’t stop at materials and how it’s made. The product must also be absolutely functional and respectful of natural movement, enabling people to move freely and in a healthy way (which most shoes actually get in the way of).

This design challenge is simple; the less shoe the better. We believe that the perfect shoe is one that is perfect for feet… and, of course, zero impact on the planet.   We’re pretty good at making shoes perfect for feet and we’re starting to progress towards a perfect circular economy where all new stuff is made from existing stuff and minimal virgin resources are tapped.”  – Galahad Clark

Tracker FG testing

We have had the Tracker FG boots for a while now and have tested them in many environments. From Autumnal walks in the countryside to the harsh landscapes of Iceland.

When in Iceland we were walking across many terrains. From the city streets of Reykjavik, the black sands of southern Iceland and the Snow covered glaciers further inland.

What we both really loved about this boot is how comfortable it is. There was no need to break the boot in and the fit was pretty much perfect. This was helped by Vivobarefoot’s online and printable size guides. Both your foot and ankle felt nicely supported, thanks to the high ankle and thick inner layer around the top. There was no rubbing on the back of the ankles, even after some long days on our feet walking.

The boots are very flexible, making them great for easier hill climbs and medium-rough terrain. The boot does have that extra closeness to the ground so you start to feel the textures beneath you, more so than other walking boots we’ve tried. Whilst traversing across ice and through puddles our feet stayed warm and dry. This is due to the thick leather layer that surrounds the boot.

The design of the boot is pleasing to the eye and the laces were easy to tie, keeping the tie quite tight throughout the day.

Taking it to the extreme

We did also take these boot up onto the glacier and this was its only downside. If you’re going to a colder place we suggest to get a slightly larger pair of boots, as the fit can become tight and a little uncomfortable, especially when wearing a thick walking sock (or two layers of socks) to keep warm. That being said the Tracker FG isn’t designed to be used in -16 degrees with a large windchill factor. We would buy a specially designed winter boot for such an extreme weather as even with a few pairs of socks our feet were still a little cold, we think this down to our feet being closer to the ground.


Overall the Vivobarefoot FG Tracker boot is a very pleasing piece of design. It’s super comfortable from the first fit and will keep you well supported, surprisingly warm, dry and free to explore many different terrains. However we found that taking it to the extreme may be a step too far. Something to keep in mind when considering these as a go to boot for all your needs.

Tracker FG Tech specs by Vivo

The Tracker is one of our constantly evolving core lines and testament to our belief of going Barefoot across all terrains – even the most extreme ones. Tried and tested from Toubkal to Tabletop Mountain with the advantage of being light enough to throw in your backpack in between journeys.

  • Premium Action Leather – water resistant treatment
  • Waterproof construction – to keep your feet dry
  • Firm Ground sole – with sticky rubber for multi-terrain traction
  • Mountain lace – designed for better adherence
  • Thermal insole – with Outlast for thermal regulation “not too hot, not too cold but just right”
  • Weight : 450g


For more information on Vivobarefoot’s FG Tracker boot and the many other boots and shoes to choose from or if you want to learn more about a sustainable way of creating products, check out their website.