If you are looking for a backpack that is lightweight, versatile and can be used whilst travelling, being out in the city, hiking outdoors check out the Osprey Tempest 20 backpack. It has been winner of various awards and for me is the best backpack I have owned so far.

First impression

The first impression when trying this on was how lightweight it is! As this is a fitted for women backpack, which you can tell the difference when you compare it to other backpacks.


The Tempest has many features:


One of the reasons I chose to purchase this bag was for the extensive storage. I am a filmmaker and am always carrying cameras and bits and bobs with me across the world and the best thing about this bag is the main part of has lots of space, enough to fit a laptop, camera, GoPro and extras; it also has a smaller inner zipped pocket for essentials and a pocket right at the front for easy to access items.

One of my favourite sections is the top stash pocket, which is deep enough to store personal items that you need quickly, I found this easy when travelling within an airport as a place to store my passport and money (although I would not advise keeping the passport documents in this area when in a country) .

There are two side pockets for water bottle storage which is made from a stretchable fabric that allows you to easily access and stow your drink. The two zip pockets located in the harness section of the bag are great for spare change and smaller items if needed.

The bag also has a handy hydration area, which slips in at the back and also on the front has a Lidlock TM bike helmet adjustment (see below video) which for both city life if you cycle to work or you are mountain biking out in the mountains is a great idea for storage!

There is also a handy trekking pole and ice pick attachment at the front and back depending on how extreme you wish your adventure to be!




As this backpack is designed for women it has a great fit and it easy to adjust to any size. The material that the bag is made from the stretch fabric and makes it easy to view contents in various areas. The bag has two harness attachments for stability and at the back the Tempest has a foam moulded ventilated back panel which makes wearing it much more comfortable.

The shoulder straps again are ventilated and have a foam insert which making wearing the bag much more comfortable, with no rubbing on the collarbone. There is also a handy front pocket on the strap that is great to store something small such as a mobile phone, sunglasses etc.



Keeping safe

A few more great features of this bag is the reflective graphics keeping you visible at night when light shines upon them, whether you are walking or cycling (please be careful if you are doing this!). There is also an inbuilt whistle on the right hand top harness and on the front left strap next to the pocket for your mobile phone/snack bar is a small hook for a light.


The bag comes in three colours – green, pink and grey, all of which are very stylish depending on your preference. They are again great for being spotted in the distance as the colours are vibrant.

Ospreys all mighty guarantee!

What is also great is that Osprey as a company are dedicated to helping protect the environment. Instead of throwing your bag away if it has a rip, tear or has lost a vital component you are able to make a guarantee claim and Ospreys team will help to solve the problem. For more information and terms and conditions please see the Osprey website.

You can also find the full tech specs for this bag and handy videos showing you the various compartments/attachments!



Out of all the bags that I was looking at I would highly recommend this bag as it is both practical whilst keeping it feminine and stylish. At around £70 (£80 on the Osprey website!) if you give the Internet a good search I would see this backpack as an investment as it is so versatile you could use it anywhere! This bag has enough pockets to last you a lifetime, storing many things of many sizes and with the easy stretch technology, storing has never been easier!

The Osprey Tempest 20 is great for use as a daily backpack whether you are using it for work, going travelling or just going for a leisurely hike this is the bag for you!