• snooksbanner

    Review – Snooks Reviver jacket

    This ski season the SNOOKS girls – a new girls only ski and snowboard clothing brand kindly sent us...

  • feature-2015_10_jacopobabsi_yosemite-02902

    Interview with Sidetracked magazine

    Sidetracked Magazine is an online and printed journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of adventure travel, journeys...

  • osprey-tempest

    Review: Osprey Tempest Womans Backpack 20

    If you are looking for a backpack that is lightweight, versatile and can be used whilst travelling, being out...

  • fullmoon_golden_bc_jussi_grznar_01

    Full Moon snowboard movie: Review

    Snowboarding at full power, all the way through. These ladies don’t go easy, they charge hard. Be inspired by...

  • fullmoon_annie_boulanger_golden_bc_jussi_grznar_05

    Shextreme film festival 2016

    Shextreme is the world’s first and only film festival celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure. Their aim is to empower...

  • firewatch

    Review: Firewatch

    Firewatch is a mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where your only emotional lifeline is the person on the...

  • the_secret_life_of_walter_mitty_by_janvavrusa-d7i49y9

    Film Review – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

      We know this has been out for quite a few years (2013) but we have watched it many...

  • Shop_77_Park_Street_Bristol

    Review – Roamers & Seekers, Bristol

    So we are delighted to say that last week we were invited to a new pop-up shop opening by...

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    6 Things To Consider When Picking Your New Water Filter System

    A reblog from: 6 Things To Consider When Picking Your New Water Filter System When I purchased my first water filter 12...

  • FM_PR_July15_Grey_2-Device_STATS-SM-1024x492

    Review: FATMAP

    There are now a number of mountain mapping and tracking apps you can download to your phone. Both Android...