The Original BUFF® & Primaloft have combined to make a brand new fabric called Thermonet. The Thermonet BUFF® has improved high thermal properties and is 4 times warmer than the Original BUFF®. This means it’s the perfect companion for a wintery adventure.

About Buff

Buff® is the original multifunctional headwear. Once upon a time there was a keen off-road trials motorcyclist from Spain, who realised there was a need for a multifunctional garment that could be worn on and around his head while out riding in any and all conditions. Having worked in the textile industry for over 25 years manufacturing knitted collars and cuffs for the most popular football shirt brands in Europe, Juan Rojas set about creating a functional garment that could be worn in all manner of ways, replacing the need for separate items of head and neck wear.

Experimenting with different designs and processes, Juan eventually found a high performance microfibre that was breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant. Juan then set about designing a proprietary knitting process that could manufacture his product in such a way as to ensure enduring comfort and durability. This manufacturing process, which takes place on a specially developed tubular loom, achieves an unique seamless construction resulting in a particularly comfortable garment that is extremely durable. The use of a sublimation printing process to transfer designs onto the product also ensures that the material retains its soft feel without the colours fading when either exposed to the elements or during cleaning. Juan called his product Buff® as a derivation of the Spanish word ‘bufanda’ meaning scarf.

Buff Thermonet AW17

We were given both the Arrowhead multi and Nordic bit Thermonet designs from the Buff Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. There are 16 different designs for this specific Buff wear at £22.50 each. All of these designs are beautiful and it was very hard to choose one from the collection. We think there are designs that fit every personality.

Buff is a brand that we are both familiar with, utilising Buff wear for many ski trips in the past. This time we wanted to take it to the next level in our trip to Iceland. At this time of year the temperatures in Iceland can be bitterly cold, dropping down into the minus figures. This was the perfect test for the new Thermonet design.

The Buff Thermonet is ideal for people looking for a really warm yet light weight multi-functional product that offers maximum protection from the cold during outdoor activities like running, hiking, skiing, biking or motorcycling. We tried it out in various locations across Iceland, including two glaciers where temperatures dropped down to -16° and it felt very comfortable.

Like every Buff, the Thermonet designs can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie and bandana. This multi-functional use is one of the major selling points of the Buff and we love that versatility.

What we also love about this product is how lightweight it is. Comparing it to other Buff products, the Thermonet is still very thin while being offering the much improved warmth. We also enjoyed how breathable this particular Buff is. When on top of a glacier snowmobiling at high speeds, the Buff kept our face and head warm whilst allowing easy breathing with no problems.

Another plus point to the Buff is it’s a great product for when you need a little shut eye on a tour bus. It keeps your face covered and warm, whilst knowing that breathing is easy. On our Iceland trip the Buff Thermonet was with us every step of the way. The materials are very soft and don’t rub against the skin and the stretchy material blend is fitted but not tight around your neck (although depending on personal preference some might find the Buff reasonably tight fitting).

Tech specs from Buff

Made from 100% Polyester
Weighs 61g & measures 50cm x 23.5cm.
High Thermal Properties – 4 times warmer than regular microfibre
Offers excellent breathability and moisture control
Extremely lightweight and durable
Certified to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Thermal Comfort – Cool


Overall we think that Buff is the way to go if you want to keep warm in the winter. Whether it’s hiking, skiing or snowmobiling on a glacier. The versatility of Buffwear is second to none in the outdoor industry. If you fancy, you can always combine your Buff with the specially designed Thermonet hat in the same colour.  We are very much looking forward to trying out the Buff Thermonet on our next ski adventure in January 2018! For more information on Buff’s newest products please check out their website.