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When people think of Europe in summer then big beach resorts in Spain or the mega popular cities such as Venice or Amsterdam might spring to mind.

Most people wouldn’t think to book a week at a Polish beach resort or hunt out an island castle in the north of France. But if that sounds right up your road(trip) you then fear not, we’ve got you covered.


1. Cinque Terre, Italy 

In northern Italy, a short train hop from Pisa you’ll find the rugged and colourful landscape of Cinque Terre. Literally translated as ‘The Five Lands’ these five villages with their choices of beaches, fresh fish restaurants and awesome views have become so popular in recent years the government is soon to limit the number of visitors. If you want the most photogenic spot in Italy then you might have just found it. 

2. Sopot, Poland

 Yep, Poland has a beach resort! Sopot is home to a perfect stretch of sandy beach, a huge pier and those great value prices you are not likely to find in most of Europe. With the busier city of Gdansk a short train ride away you can grab your sun and fun without breaking the bank.


3. Lake Bled, Slovenia

This postcard perfect lake in Slovenia is around an hour away by train from the capital of Ljubljana (You’re not the only one struggling to say it). With it’s island tower in the middle and surrounded by mountains this is an awesome spot for a nature getaway and great for the hikers out there. 

4. Bournemouth, UK

When people talk about beaches in the UK most people think of Brighton and there is no denying it’s one of the trendiest and hippest spots along the south coast, but the all rock beach is not the best to get your relax on. Bournemouth and its surrounding beaches however, around 2 hours from London by train, are perfect on a summers day. Think old school arcades, ice creams and some pretty decent nightlife to go with it.


5. Iceland

Whatever season you visit Iceland you will find something new. In the winter you’ll discover ice caves, snow and darkness but by summer you have rugged green landscapes and nearly day round sunlight making it a pretty unique experience. Hunt out waterfalls, find black sand beaches and take the road trip of your life around the islands ring road. 

6. Carvoeiro, Portugal

The south coast of Portugal is littered with beautiful beaches, colourful caves and stretches of nightlife. The small spot that is Carvoeiro is regularly voted one of the best beaches in the world for it’s not too busy, fishing village feel. A twenty minute ride will have you at Pria Da Rocha for all night partying or some slick beach clubs or simply just enjoy the laid back life and fresh seafood diet without having to stroll more than a few hundred metered from your accommodation.


7. Korcula, Croatia

Once you are done with the hectic Game of Thrones set that is Dubrovnik your mind will turn to sand, camping, kayaking and sipping beers in front of epic sunsets. That is when the island of Korcula steps in. It might not have the fame (and costs) of Hvar further up the coast but a bus and ferry ride will bring you to a slower pace of life where days are spent lazing around and catching the rays.

8. Stockholm, Sweden

Most big cities don’t scream summer escape but this ultra green Scandinavian capital is an exception. Think picnics in big parks, more museums to cool off in than you can visit on a vacation and sailing yourself around the city by canoe. If you thought Sweden was just an IKEA cliche you have got it totally wrong.


 9. Mont Saint Michel, France

Just a two hour ride away from Paris and you’ll hit the historic ‘island’ of Mont Saint Michel which once upon a time declared itself independent from France. Now a road links the mainland to the abbey which also has shops, hotels and restaurants to explore behind it’s fort walls. A few days of each month the tide rises up covering part of the road and isolating the fort once more. From here you can easily jump on a ferry to the UK.

10. Istanbul, Turkey

The second city of Turkey is a great place to visit either as a stopover on route to Europe or for a trip in itself. You’ll struggle to find the electric vibe of old meets new else where and the historic importance of the city strikes you at every turn. If you can handle the heat then summer is a great time to slip into this city before heading to find the perfect beach or visit the rising star of Cappadocia. Be sure to lap up all the fresh fruit and food that is dotted around the city before watching the sunset behind the Blue Mosque.


A reblog from: 10 awesome summer spots to visit in Europe